Rules and regulations

Fines may be levied for breaking any of the Rules & Regulations. Please be a good neighbor.


Parking beneath the building is assigned and deeded. Do not park in someone's space or your vehicle will be towed by the owner. You also need your finger scanned as the building entry system is equipped with a biometric entry system. Parking accross the street is unassigned but you need a decal and a black FOB to gain entry. Valet parking is quite convenient and very reasonably priced for you and your guests. If you have any questions feel free to speak to the valet or contact them at (954) 458-7047


ONLY RESIDENT OWNERS may have pets. Pets must be registered with the Association management office prior to them arriving. Pets must be carried while transporting them thru any common areas using the freight elevator only. Pets are not allowed in the regular passenger elevators. Pets must be supervised while on the balcony. Please speak to the office if you plan to have a pet. There are numerous restrictions and we want both you and your pet to be happy.

Pool Use

No Glass in the pool area. We do not want any cut feet. No taking any pool chairs onto the beach. Wash all sand off before going in the pool or into the building. Pool chairs cannot be reserved by putting your belongings on them. If your chair is unoccupied for 1 hour your things will be removed by the pool attendant.

Elevator Use

Bathers must use the freight elevator. Domestic animals must use the freight elevator. Moving must be arranged with the building management office and of course must use the freight elevator.

No Smoking

Smoking is never permitted in any common areas. It is the law and also our policy.

30 Day Minimum Rentals

Just a reminder that you can only rent for a minimum of 30 days. Shorter term rentals are not allowed.


Please remove all items from your balcony if you plan to be away. We are on the ocean and in southern Florida. It can get very windy and anything left on the balcony can become a dangerous projectile. Do not hang anything on your balcony rails.

Hurricane preparedness

Hurricanes are Dangerous! Prepare Yourself and Your Unit. Hurricane Season June 1 to November 30. Download this booklet is for informational purposes only Download
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